35yr Reunion, what fun!

We had a great time at both sessions of our 35 Year Class Reunion.

The morning session, held at the East Canyon Park in Cedar City, started at 10:03am and ended around 3:37pm. There were about 23 classmates in attendance, plus partners. The weather was perfect with a very mild breeze. The breeze only kicked up to a stronger wind towards the end at about 2:24pm when it blew the popup shade over. No one was hurt, but the popup shade didn’t survive. As with any disaster, regardless of severity, the photographer always has the moral dilemma, “do I help, or do I take pictures of it?”. Oh the challenges we face!

The evening session, held in the Breezeway at Cedar High School, was awesome! There were about 42 classmates in attendance, plus partners. Music was provided by Gale Davis’ band. They sounded great! The food was provided by The Pizza Factory and it was very yummy. Paul Hatch put together a slide show that we all watched in the AV room after dinner. The AV room used to be the room where the choirs would practice. It has really been changed around!

After the slide show, some of our classmates were guided on a full tour of the High School by Todd Thorley. And while they were out touring, the rest of the classmates made a valiant attempt at a line dance. Fortunately, the attempt was captured on video, along with a video of Ruth Jones Scovill, for your viewing pleasure.

Steven Sharp and Bev Guymon Grimm both chased everyone around with cameras and were able to capture a lot of pictures. We hope that they’ll be made available on the CD that Paul Hatch is putting together. The pictures that Steven captured are available on this site, as well as his personal site.

While we were still gathered in the AV room, Paul Snyder took a moment to share an idea with the classmates in attendance. The idea is that we consider combining the reunions for the classes of ’77, ’78 and ’79 into one big reunion. Feedback on this idea would be appreciated. Steven Sharp has been attending the Class of ’77 reunion the past two times and Alan Moss, from the Class of ’77, attended this reunion. We think it’s a good idea!

Thanks to everyone who helped to plan and put on this wonderful reunion! Everyone in attendance had a great time! (now, having written that, I realize that I’m making a big assumption, but oh well)

Here is a list of those who helped to plan and make this reunion possible:

Ruth Jones Scovill
Melanie Melling Hirschi
Bev Guymon Grimm
Kelli Carter Olsen
Todd Thorley
Stacia Eager Shipp
Sydney Warren Pearsen
Steven Ralph Sharp

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